Frequently asked questions

What are Out of Print’s System Requirements?
Out of Print operates on any workstation using Windows 10. If you send your printing directly to a printer, that’s all you need. It can also operate on office print servers.
Can I use Out of Print to keep track of my team’s printing expenses?
Yes. Our automated monthly reports will show you how much your organisation is spending on printing, and just as important, how much it’s saving through continuous print reductions.
Does Out of Print work if most of my team works from home?
Yes. Out of Print records all printing activity no matter where it occurs, which is ideal for tracking print expenses and impacts across remote and agile teams.
Will Out of Print stop me or my team from printing?
No. We simply record print activity as it happens. Out of Print will never prevent printing activities.
What data does Out of Print collect?
Out of Print only collects the generic print job data (number of sheets and pages, page size, ink type) needed to calculate your print costs and environmental impacts, and attribute them to specific users and teams. We do NOT collect any data on the name, content or type of documents being printing.
Can Out of Print help with our sustainability reporting?
Yes! Out of Print makes it easy to show your customers, staff and stakeholders you’re doing your part for the planet, with automated monthly reports showing the number of trees, and tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, you’ve saved overtime by printing less. Adding these figures to your sustainability reporting is a piece of cake.
Can I really save the company money with Out of Print?
Absolutely. Our behaviour change system is so effective, it’s helped achieve print reductions of over 75% in initial tests! Depending on how much you’re printing today, you could see the financial benefits with just a couple of months.

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