Print reduction software
that helps teams go green

What do we do?

We all benefit from printing less by saving time, money and trees.
So we’ve designed software that makes printing less a piece of cake!

Playful software teams don’t hate

Lovingly designed to make change a breeze.

Results everyone can celebrate

Reduce printing costs and save trees - a win-win!

Plug-and-play with no interuptions

No complex set-up, just download, install and start saving!

What you print is your business

Counts print jobs as they pass, we don’t stop them and we don’t peek inside.

Printing is the 3rd highest operating cost for most office-based businesses

‘So glad we spent more on printing this year!’ said no one, ever.

The average office worker prints 6,000 sheets of paper a year.

That means an office of 100 people is using 75 trees worth of paper a year!

Whether you are printing more or less than that, cutting down on printing makes good business sense.

How it works

What do you get when you lock an economist, two software developers and a video game designer in room? The best print reduction software ever conceived is what!

Check progress at a glance

All your stats on one simple dashboard

New milestones every month

Progressive wins add up over time but keep things easy

Grow as a team

Work as a team to achieve the biggest savings

Become a master trader

Send and receive print credits in the Out of Print marketplace

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NEW: The UK has 48 working waste incinerators and plans 100 more. Is the govt funnelling taxpayers’ money into costly white elephants that undermine recycling and poison the air?

Our investigation by @jomoulds with @Telegraph 1/9

"Protecting and rewilding the world’s living systems is not just an aesthetically pleasing thing to do. It is an essential survival strategy." #rewilding #climatechange #reforestation

Thanks @NRDC for shining the light on the "Tree to toilet pipeline". It is shocking to think 30% of toilet paper material is derived from virgin wood. Don't suppose there are any #paperless solutions?


Print reduction software that
helps teams go green

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